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    “I’ve used the webinars and YouTube videos – my knowledge about the market is growing rapidly”

    Cees Dorst, Netherlands


    “My account manager is very helpful. He contacts me at least twice a day and always answers my calls. I’m hoping first to pay off debts, then to buy a boat I am interested in!”

    Chris Clutterbuck, UK


    “My account manager is helpful, knowledgeable and most days we have contact. I use the information given to me as to what to trade and when to trade. I would like to make a weekly sum of money to take the place of my wage as I wish to retire.”

    David Christie, UK


    “I am very satisfied with the assistance of my account manager, Chris Johnson. He has the right approach and is skillful as well. He taught me a couple of strategies which I use successfully. I invested a lot of time in learning the financial markets. For the start all the gains go back to the trading. If the funds really start to grow I would use a small part like a secondary income.”

    Frank Bloeman, Austria


    “I have recently started trading with your company. I was told by “Robert Nelson” that the company is looking for feedback on performance.
    I am happy to report that Robert has been very helpful and friendly. He has shown me the ropes and am learning about the way trading is done.
    He has also won me trades which can only be a good thing for your company.
    I am trying to start with fairly low trades as I am so new to it. I also want to thank you for the bonus money I have received and hope I can make the both of us (frankfurtfx and myself) a lot of money with it by trading effectively through Robert.
    If the next month goes exceptionally well. I can hopefully pay off my credit card and use more money from my savings/credit card to trade some more. I plan on going into the thousands regions (of my own money) within a couple of months all going well.
    I am very happy to trade with frankfurtfx”

    Mike Neason, UK


    “I have used all the tools that frankfurtfx has provided for me! I participated at a couple of webinars, especially the ones regarding NFP and fundamental analysis. I read every morning the daily market updates that I receive on the site and I use the trading signals. I am very proud of a long term trade that I did, where I won 10300$ on a trade placed on apple! My primary interest is to pay off the mortgage for my house and after that, I will see!”

    Alexandru Ovidiu, Romania

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